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NURTURKIND MACROMIX improves uptake of nutrients through pores of plant cells. NURTURKIND MACROMIX particle size is less than 30 µ and thus promotes rapid absorption in roots and leaves. NURTURKIND MACROMIX enters the plant root (nutrient gateway) easily, because the plant cell wall openings are in the range of 20-80 µ and are highly porous on micro-meter scale. NURTURKIND MACROMIX particles are absorbed & penetrated into the leaf opening easily because the stomata openings of leaf are also in the range of 20-80 µ.

  • NURTURKIND MACROMIX has faster absorption rate and mobility in the plant.
  • NURTURKIND MACROMIX, once enter into the plant through leaf, the cell-to-cell transportation is facilitated faster.
  • NURTURKIND MACROMIX are more efficient or more active than normal NPK (WSF powder), due to smaller particle size.
  • NURTURKIND MACROMIX dose per acre is far smaller than conventional fertilizer due to extremely small particle size and thus it is a major invention in agriculture.
  • NURTURKIND MACROMIX can be applied more efficiently and broadcast/top dressing of N, through conventional nitrogen source can be replaced in proportion.
  • NURTURKIND MACROMIX contains 11% N in NO3 form, which is readily taken up by crops. N accelerates carbohydrate metabolism, works as a vital element in protein metabolism & cell division and is an important element for healthy growth.
  • NURTURKIND MACROMIX contains 11% P in utilizable form. P is an essential plant nutrient for optimum crop growth, involved in transfer, storage and conservation of energy during physiological processes in the form of ATP & ADP.
  • NURTURKIND MACROMIX also contains 8% K in the form of KNO3, which helps increased absorption of the element. K is a vital element during fruit development & maturity, improves fruit size & taste, gives better colour & shining and enhances shelf-life.

Vegetables: 20 Days after sowing/transplanting, 10 days after last spray Healthy growth, Strong root development, Better foliage development, Healthy growth & maintenance 1 ml/L(Foliar spray)
Cotton: 20 days after emergence Root development, Early establishment of seedlings, Better branching 1 ml/L(Foliar spray)
Bengal gram / Green gram: 20 DAS Healthy growth & branching 1 ml/L(Foliar spray)
Tea: At 15 – 30 days intervals Increase foliage/ new leaves 0.5  ml/L(Foliar spray)
Onion/Garlic: 20 DAT Enhances early vegetative growth, Maintains greenness of leaves 1 ml/L (Foliar spray)
Potato: 20 days after planting Enhances early vegetative growth, Better root development 1 ml/L (Foliar spray)
Paddy: 15 DAT Root development, Early establishment of seedlings, Better tillering 1 ml/L (Foliar spray)
Soybean: 20 DAS Better branching, Better diseases & stress resistance 1 ml/L (Foliar spray)
Watermelon / Muskmelon 20 DAS Better root development, Healthy growth & branching 1 ml/L (Foliar spray)
Sugarcane: 30 days after germination Better root development, Better early vegetative growth 1 ml/L (Foliar spray)

1 Ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml
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