About Us

Mankind Agritech is here to revolutionize the Agriculture Industry and help the farmers yield better results with their crops.

Company Profile

Agriculture & Farming

Mankind Agritech has business line of products in the Herbicide, Insecticide, Fungicide, Plant Growth Regulator (PGR), Plant Nutrition and Bio Pesticides segments. The company has various products that meet the health and protection demands of growers throughout their crop lifecycle for a safe, productive and sustainable production. Mankind Agritech focuses on enhancing the productivity of Indian farmers through innovative products and services that sustainably increase crop productivity. The company continually seeks ways to innovate and improve agricultural productivity at its Research and Development Centre, and is in collaboration with many multinational companies to bring world class eco-friendly crop protection solutions to Indian farmlands.

Our Offering

Mankind Agritech has a diverse product portfolio that includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators (PGR), plant nutrition and bio pesticides. The diverse portfolio includes high-quality trusted brands as well as numerous products from the company’s core suppliers, ensuring that the customer gets exactly what they need, from breakthrough discovery to delivery of mission-critical products and services.

Mankind Agritech has been creating customised and integrated solutions for its customers using their proven technology as well as scientific research based solutions through its partners from across the globe


Research & Development

The company continuously focuses in research and innovation to bring high-tech solutions, and thus have increasingly efficient responses to the challenges of today and tomorrow in the field.

Every day Mankind Agritech reaffirms its commitment to the progress of Indian agriculture, developing and marketing speciality products for crop protection that help growers preserve their legacy and enhance their productivity.

The R&D team and the new product development team in the company is focused on finding more sustainable solutions than those which are in the market, as well as products with eco-friendly profile for consumers. Mankind Agritech works closely with its customers to assist in finding the balance of cost and environmental impact.

Our Team

The company serves India and Indian farmers, through a team strategically located throughout the national agricultural territory of Indian subcontinent.

Our team compromises of agronomists, chemists, formulation specialists and technicians, a team of specialists capable of guiding our customers to extract the maximum of the agricultural potential of crops through the appropriate use of our portfolio.

Our Promise

The company continuously invest in product innovation, R&D, an efficient supply chain and a responsive service culture to produce products and services that meets the present and future needs of its customers in an efficient and sustainable manner, on all occasions. The company seeks to identify products and services that are of quality and will be in demand in near future and specifies parameters in which these products and services are bound to guarantee quality, ensuring a cost effective means of production and delivery for its customers.

The Company believes that Quality belongs to everyone and it is everyone’s duty to maintain quality. Responsibility for quality is shared evenly by everybody in each area of the business. The company’s endeavour is to achieve the best quality standards in the crop protection industry while delivering affordable crop protection solutions across the Indian landscape.

Mankind Agritech’s business objective is serving farmers through the company’s business values imbibed in every Mankind-ian.

Quality | Affordability | Availability


The core values of Mankind are Customer Centricity, Quality, Innovation, Integrity, Go Beyond, People Development & Collaboration.

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    Customer Centricity

    Commitment to Customer - Internal and External

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    It is an our DNA to maintain and deliver highest quality standards and products

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    Intensely Research driven organization aiming at product innovation and technology improvements

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    Always trustworthy, widely respected to be honest, and believed by everyone

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    Go Beyond

    Aim higher than capabilities

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    People Development & Collaboration

    Together we are foreseeing future and diligently stimulating our people in attaining goals

To be a global crop protection company most admired for its Affordability, Quality and Accessibility of Products

To be able to provide cost-effective, innovation based superior quality crop protection products, to improve lives of farmers.



The modern-day manufacturing plants supports to turn out highly complex formulations and specialty agrochemicals in a range of quantities and pack sizes which imbibe the strictest quality control measures.

We understand the value of healthy foods for our citizens and thus every batch of raw material to finished product is regulated and inspected by competent agencies.

Our commitment is to use high quality raw materials, inspected and certified by professional agencies. The company provides its customers with friendly, professional service and reliable, high performance products that have been manufactured in accordance to the Regulatory requirements of crop protection solutions in the country.

In our production processes, we seek continuous improvement to minimize environmental impacts, such as the reuse of water and production in closed circuits, every day trying our best to reduce the generation of effluents.