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Mode of Action

NURTURKIND GIB stimulates cell elongation and proliferation in the growing plant part. NURTURKIND GIB acts possibly due to the osmotic driven response of gibberellin, that affects the better translocation and efficient use of photosynthates.

  • NURTURKIND GIB is used to improve crop quality and value.
  • NURTURKIND GIB helps in achieving optimum growth and development.
  • NURTURKIND GIB offers superior uptake and absorption of active substance into the plant.
  • NURTURKIND GIB flows easily and dissolves instantly, there is no need for an extended agitation sequence.

Grapes Pre Bloom- Elongation, Fruit Setting Thinning, 6-7mm berry size-enlargement 20 gm/acre (Foliar spray)
Paddy 20-25 DAT At Panicle emergence 20 gm – 25 gm/acre (Foliar spray)
Wheat 20-25 DAS, 10% ear emergence 10 gm – 15 gm/acre (Foliar spray)
Maize Knee high stage (25-30 DAS) 20 gm/acre (Foliar spray)

2.5 gm
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