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Mode of Action

Thiamethoxam is a systemic insecticide, quickly absorbed by plants and transported to its parts and Chlorantraniliprole causes paralysis which ultimately causes death of the insect.

  • ZEUESFORCE is a broad-spectrum insecticide.
  • ZEUESFORCE delivers knockdown performance against the majority of pest life stages, including eggs, larva and adults, minimizing feeding damage and financial loss.
  • ZEUESFORCE offers protection from major pests like Stem borer, Leaf folder, Brown Plant hopper, Green leafhopper in Paddy.
  • ZEUESFORCE has Rapid action with immediate pest eradication ensuring Profuse rooting, more tillers, and adding vigour to the paddy plant.
  • ZEUESFORCE due to its unique encapsulation technology protects the active ingredients for longer duration of control.

img Paddy Stem borer, Leaf folder, Brown plant hopper, Green leafhopper 2.5 kg/acre

1 kg, 2.5kg, 5 kg
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