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Mode of Action

Through its 2 way of action - Neuromuscular and Biochemical process it gives effective, Quick, and long results on a wide range of Lepidopteran pests
1) Neuromuscular process - it prevents contraction of muscles permanently leading to paralysis and permanent death of insects.
2) Biochemical process - It acts as a Chitin synthesis inhibitor which prevents the insect to move to the next instar stage and finally dies.

  • It’s a broad-spectrum insecticide that controls a wide range of lepidopteran caterpillars.
  • Quick and prolonged results.
  • Effective for Insect Resistance management because of its dual mode of action.
  • Safe for farmers and crops.
  • Because of its phytotonic effect, it helps lush green crops.
  • Good quality yield, hence more profit.
  • Less number of sprays reduces input costs.
  • Stops crop damage immediately and minimizes crop loss.
  • Increase in Chlorophyll hence the lush green crop.

Cabbage DBM,Tobacco Caterpillar 350 ml/acre
Chilli Fruit borer, Tobacco Caterpillar 350 ml/acre
Red gram Pod Borer 350 ml/acre
Paddy Stem Borer 600 ml/acre

100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr
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