Mode of Action

IGR (Insect growth regulator) + contact & stomach action. Prevent hatching of eggs, inhibit metamorphosis from nymph to adult, causes adult sterility and gives quick knockdown of adult white fly.

  • DIAFENHUGE - P offers a powerful and unique combination of dual chemistry that provides quick knockdown effect and stops the damage caused by whitefly.
  • DIAFENHUGE - P offers long-lasting control of 12-15 days and effectively manages all three life stages of whitefly including eggs, nymphs, and adults.
  • DIAFENHUGE - P uses a three-way approach of contact, ingestion, and vapor action to rapidly cover and control whitefly through translaminar activity.
  • DIAFENHUGE - P serves as an effective tool for managing resistance in whitefly populations. Moreover, it helps to contain the spread of Chilli Leaf Curl Virus and suppresses yellow mites, providing an added benefit to its users.

Chilli Mites & Whitefly 400
Cotton Whitefly 400

1ltr, 400ml, 200ml, 100ml