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Mode of Action

BIFEN FORCE is a non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. BIFEN FORCE acts on the nervous system of insects and disturbs the function of neurons by interaction with the sodium channel.

  • BIFEN FORCE controls different types of sucking & chewing pests.
  • BIFEN FORCE insecticide gives knock-down killing of insect pests.
  • BIFEN FORCE has a strong biphenyl bond which provides longer residual control of pests.
  • BIFEN FORCE is an effective termiticide as well.
  • BIFEN FORCE has phyto-tonic effect which improves the vigour of crops.
  • BIFEN FORCE is relatively safer for humans and does not cause any skin irritation to spray operators.

Cotton Boll worm, Whitefly 320 ml/acre
img Paddy Stem Borer, Leaf Folder & Green Leaf hopper 200 ml/acre
img Surgarcane Termites 400 ml/acre

1 ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml
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