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Mode of Action

HALOSHUGE containing Halosulfuron 75% WG inhibits acetolactate synthase (ALS), which is the first enzyme in the biosynthetic pathway of the essential branched chain Amino acid (Valine, Leucine & isoleucine). Inhibition of ALS leads to the starvation of the plant (Cyperus rotundus) for these amino acids, resulting in death (killing) of weeds.

  • HALOSHUGE for Efficacy at Low Dose: In Comparison to other technical available in market, HALOSHUGE provides excellent control over Cyperus Rotundus and kills the weed with their nuts in soil.
  • HALOSHUGE for Nutrient availability: HALOSHUGE stops Cyperus Rotundus to take nutrient available in the soil, which will support the main crop to take all the available nutrition and provide better growth and yield.
  • HALOSHUGE for Crop Safety: HALOSHUGE is safe to sugarcane and maize crop when used in recommended quantity
  • HALOSHUGE for Soil Residual Action: HALOSHUGE has good impact on soil and stops germination of Cyperus Rotundus.
  • HALOSHUGE to Save cost: HALOSHUGE saves the cost of manual weeding with its good control method on Cyperus Rotundus for the entire duration of crop
  • HALOSHUGE to Increase Yield:¬†Saving plant nutrition from Cyperus Rotundus will ultimately provide better nutrition to the main crop, which leads to good and quality production.

img Sugarcane Cyperus Rotundus 36 gm/ Acre
img Maize Cyperus Rotundus ,Cyperus iria 36 gm/ Acre
img Bottle gourd Cyperus rotundus, Cyperus iria 36 gm/ Acre

18gm, 36gm
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