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Mode of Action

Azotrozo has 2 molecules out of which one is a member of the strobilurin class of compounds, is a broad-spectrum fungicide. It functions by preventing fungus from making energy through mitochondrial respiration, which ultimately causes them to die. On the other hand, second is a systemic fungicide that is a member of the triazole family of substances. It functions by interfering with the manufacture of melanin in fungi, which is essential for the healthy development of the fungal cell wall and spores.

  • Azotrozo is a systemic broad-spectrum fungicide with protective action.
  • Azotrozo has excellent protective activity for both Sheath blight and Blast diseases in Rice crop.
  • Azotrozo is recommended at early infestation stage of disease.
  • Azotrozo applications leads to healthy crop, enhancement of yield and improves grain quality.

Paddy Sheath Blight, Blast, Brown spot 200 ml/acre

1 ltr, 100 ml, 500 ml
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