Mode of Action

AZODEZO inhibits spore germination at the early stages of fungal development, this confers excellent protection against invasion by fungal pathogens. AZODEZO stops the development of fungi by interfering with the biosynthesis of sterols in cell membranes.

  • AZODEZO fungicide has both preventative and curative actions.
  • AZODEZO has both systemic and contact modes of action.
  • AZODEZO has broad spectrum control of diseases on leaves and fruits.
  • AZODEZO has residual action which results in long-duration control of diseases.
  • AZODEZO also confers anti-sporulate due to which further multiplication & spread is arrested.
  • AZODEZO has resistance management activity due to the combination of two compounds with different modes of action.

img Paddy Blast, Sheath blight 200 ml/acre
Chilli Anthracnose, Powdery Mildew 200 ml/acre
img Tomato Early blight & Late blight 200 ml/acre
img Maize Blight, Downy Mildew 200 ml/acre
img Wheat Rust, Powdery mildew 200 ml/acre
Cotton Leaf spot, Grey mildew 200 ml/acre
img Turmeric Leaf blotch, Leaf spot, Rhizome rot 200 ml/acre
img Onion Purple blotch, Stemphylium blight, Downy mildew 200 ml/acre
img Surgarcane Red rot, Smut, Rust 200 ml/acre

1 Ltr, 500 ml, 200 ml