Mode of Action

Ekotrump Triko is an Antagonistic Fungus. Ekotrump Triko competes with Other Pathogens and Utilizes the Food near the Rhizosphere. Ekotrump Triko also produces Enzymes, Chitin in and Protein and Kills the Pathogens. Ekotrump Triko colonizes near the Rhizosphere around 1 meter and Protects the Plant by being as a shield and it lives nearly 18Months near the Root area and gives Complete Protection to the Plant. Ekotrump Triko also Produces Induced Resistance, Endobiosis, Antibiosis to release Certain Toxins like Trichoderma, Mycoparasitism.

  • Ekotrump Triko suggested for the control of root rot in pulses, damping off in green pepper seedlings, wilt in cow pea, root rot in sesame and pigeon pea, Brown Spot of Rice, Fusarium Wilt, Cercospora Leaf Spot in Banana.
  • Ekotrump Triko changes in the microfloral composition on roots.
  • Ekotrump Triko induces resistance.
  • Ekotrump Triko does biological control of diseases by direct attack of plant pathogenic fungi.
  • Ekotrump Triko inactivates pathogen’s enzymes.
  • Ekotrump Triko enhances nutrient uptake.
  • Ekotrump Triko increases tolerance to stress through enhanced root and plant development.

Cow Pea Wilt 5gm/kg seed
1kg/acre (Soil Treatment)
Black Gram Root Rot, Damping Off 4gm/kg seed
Pigeon Pea Root Rot, Damping Off 4gm/kg seed
Chilli Seedling Root Rot, Damping Off 4gm/kg seed

1 Kg