Mode of Action

Product kills the plant pathogens by producing chitogenic enzymes, antibiotic metabolite and by inducing the plant’s defense mechanism.

  • EKOTRUMP SUDOKO is suggested for control of Sheath blight in Rice, Damping off in chilli seedlings, Panama wilt in banana, Wilt in tomato & chickpea, Seeding rot & Dry rot in black gram, Root rot in Sesame; Late leaf spot & rust in groundnut; Red rot & Damping off in sugar cane.
  • EKOTRUMP SUDOKO produces bioactive compounds and induces the plant defence mechanisms, by it protects the plant from various phytopathogens.
  • EKOTRUMP SUDOKO works in dual way, one is to kill the Pathogens and the Other is to Promote Plant Growth.
  • EKOTRUMP SUDOKO controls and effectively kills both soil borne & air borne diseases.
  • EKOTRUMP SUDOKO utilizes the Phosphorous Present in the soil and helps in Promoting Plant Growth.
  • EKOTRUMP SUDOKO is an Eco-Friendly Bio-fungicide.

Chilli Seedlings Damping off 10gm/kg seed
Cotton Damping off 10gm/kg seed
Groundnut Late leaf spot & rust 10gm/kg seed
400gm/acre (Soil Treatment)
Tomato Wilt 10gm/kg seed
1kg/acre (Soil Treatment)
Rice Sheath blight 10gm/kg seed
400g/acre (Soil Treatment)
400g/acre (Foliar Spray)

1 Kg