Mode of Action

NURTURKIND CARE helps to fix atmospheric nitrogen, solubilize phosphate and potash into available form. NURTURKIND CARE also converts non available forms of micronutrients into available form.

  • NURTURKIND CARE increases crop yield.
  • NURTURKIND CARE helps in early and better seed germination.
  • NURTURKIND CARE increases root and shoots growth.
  • NURTURKIND CARE increases the number of grains, size & weight of grain, and ultimately total production.
  • NURTURKIND CARE provides balanced nutrition to the crops and can reduce the dosage of chemicals N, P & K.
  • NURTURKIND CARE increases resistance/tolerance towards diseases/drought.
  • NURTURKIND CARE improves the physical and chemical properties of soil with aeration and water retention.

All crop plants, Orchard & Trees etc. Better germination, Increased growth and higher yield. Seed treatment @ 8-10 ml/Kg of seed – Mix them using small quantity of water, air dry under shade before sowingSoil application @ 250 ml along with 50 Kg well-decomposed FYM/ Organic manure/ Vermicompost per acre – Store the mixture under shade for one week before broadcasting in the field Through irrigation channel @ 250 ml along with 500 g molasses per 100 L of water per acre – Mix well and store the mixture for three days with 2-3 times stirring daily, before applying in the field Drip irrigation @ 250 ml per 100 L of water per acre

1 Ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml