Mode of Action

On application the spores of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza fungi penetrates into the roots of the crops. Crops form a symbiotic realtionship with the beneficial Fungi.

  • NURTURKIND - MYCO increases the soil root surface area.
  • NURTURKIND - MYCO increases the nutrient and water absorbtion in plants.
  • NURTURKIND - MYCO can be used in all the crops.
  • NURTURKIND - MYCO is a Organic product.
  • NURTURKIND - MYCO is easy to use in field.
  • NURTURKIND - MYCO is in water soluble formulation so it is easy to use.
  • NURTURKIND - MYCO ehances the root surface area of plants in soil.
  • NURTURKIND - MYCO improves soil fertility.
  • NURTURKIND - MYCO increases yield and quality of produce.
  • NURTURKIND - MYCO gives good result in low dose.

 Pulses To solubilize the complex phosphate and other nutrients to make them bio-available Soil drenching Mix 100 g/ 100 L of water for 1-acre area. Drench the soil using hand operated sprayer, after removing its nozzle.Soil Application Take 60 ml polymer and mix it with 4 Kg of sand for coating. Now add 100 g NURTURKIND MYCO into coated sands (in 2-batches of 50g each) and mix thoroughly. Broadcast this mixture into 1-acre area, 15 – 20 DAS/ DAT and repeat again at 25 – 30 DAS/ DAP For better distribution and area coverage, locally available 25 Kg Vermicompost/ well rotten FYM/ Sand can also be mixed. Drip application with NURTURKIND MYCO @ 100 g/acre Seed treatment with NURTURKIND MYCO @ 10g / seed quantity of 1-acre
To increase growth, resistance to diseases and tolerance to abiotic stresses
 Plantation crops

100 gm