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Mode of Action

BIO BLOOM acts as a anti antioxidant & biological nutritional support intended for foliar as well as soil drench application of plant. The product acts on plants both during vegetative and reproductive growth stage. Promotes efficient utilization of available applied nutrients resulting in improved crops quality and higher yield. It is also effective in protecting the plant during critical stress periods such as drought, temperature variations etc. by improving its natural defense.

  • BIO BLOOM increases yields by offering highly bio available nutrients at all the stages of plant life.
  • BIO BLOOM improves photosynthesis and this makes crop green with better chlorophyll.
  • BIO BLOOM gives longer shelf life of produce.
  • BIO BLOOM increase resistance to diseases & climatic stress.
  • BIO BLOOM is compatible with pesticides.
  • BIO BLOOM helps to Reduces abiotic stress.
  • BIO BLOOM is safe to use.

All Crops 1. Better fruit development & maturity 2. Improved fruit size & taste 3. Better colour & shining 4. Enhanced shelf-life 300 ml/acre (Foliar Spray)
500 ml/acre (Drip Irrigation)

1 Ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml
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