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Mode of Action

MANCO-KIND contains aliphatic nitrogen group cymoxanil and polymetric di-thiocarbamate group mancozeb fungicides. MANCO-KIND has dual mode of action. Cymoxanil has inhibitory action on synthesis of nucleic acids, amino acids & cellular processes and mancozeb has inhibitory action on enzyme activity resulting into disruption of lipid metabolism, respiration & production of ATP in fungi.

  • MANCO-KIND is a broad-spectrum fungicide.
  • MANCO-KIND has both systemic & contact action.
  • MANCO-KIND can be used as curative and preventative foliar fungicide.
  • MANCO-KIND has rapid penetration activity into plant tissue.
  • MANCO-KIND is effective even if there is rain after 3 hrs of application.
  • MANCO-KIND has locally systemic movement within the plant i.e. translaminar movement.
  • MANCO-KIND is a good tool for IRM.

img Potato Late Blight 150gm/acre
img Tomato Late Blight 150gm/acre
Grapes Downy Mildew 150gm/acre
img Cucumber Downy Mildew 150gm/acre
img Citrus Gummosis (foot rot) 150gm/acre

1200 gm, 600 gm, 300 gm, 100 gm
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